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Who You Are in Christ: Part 1

SeparationWhat does “who you are in Christ” even mean? If you take a look at the picture to the left, the silhouetted figure represents you and me and the fact that we are far away from God. We are far from God because God is a Holy and Righteous God, and only holy people can enter His presence. But we, as human, are just messed up. So we cannot be in God’s presence…

Actually, if you want to know the truth, this picture isn’t quiet right for me because that silhouetted figure is a whole lot closer than I ever am to God. I am so messed up, that not even a thousand oceans would be wide enough to separate my sinfulness from God’s Holiness. I feel so far away and I am thinking thoughts like where are You God, I feel like you have given up on me, I don’t see you working in my life, why am I still this way when You call me to be that way, nothing is going right in my life, and I feel like You don’t even care.

I have all these negative thoughts and they just are not true. They are lies, coming straight from the devil. God is always right here with me, and He is with you too. Nothing could ever separate us from His unconditional love (Romans 8:38). He never leaves us, He feels our hurts, He understands our pain, He knows what we are going through, and He cares for us like no one else can. He just wants us to come to Him leaving all our worries, doubts, fears, and negativity behind. In fact, He wants to take it from us; He wants to set us free from those lies that keep us trapped in a life of worry, doubt, fear, and negativity. My hope and prayer for you is that you are not like me, that you don’t think those damaging thoughts, and that you believe that Christ makes you holy. If it is hard for you to believe, I can empathize. It is so hard to overcome those lies and believe the Truth. But I pray, and I know that with God’s strength we will come to truly believe who we really are in Christ.

“This is how God showed His love to us: He sent His One and Only Son into the world that we could have life through Him..” (1 John 4:9)

Jesus bridges that gap between us and God so we can be reached despite our mistakes. So even though I sin, I fail, I make mistakes, and I can’t do anything right, Jesus was able to take my place. God is a Holy God, and He is also a God who is Just. This means that when someone messes up, there needs to be a punishment. Truthfully, we all deserve that punishment because we are all human and make mistakes, but God loved us so much that He wanted to save us from that punishment. Someone needed to be punished though, and God chose to let His Son Jesus be the One to take our place. God was willing to give up the life of His own Son than see your life perish. In the end, Jesus bridged that gap by living a perfect life and dying as our perfect sacrifice, taking all the punishment we deserved upon Himself so we would be forgiven. The Cross is our bridge, given to us by God in complete love to bring us to everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven. God loves us that much!

God will never give up on us, His love for us will never end, and there is never a day that goes by that God isn’t providing for us! He gives us everything we need, and that is why He gave us His One and Only Son – Jesus.

So how can this help with getting rid of those negative thoughts like I am not good enough, I will never measure up, I don’t have what it takes. It is because of who you are in Christ. He makes you good enough. When He took our place He gave us His place. He sat at the right hand of God and chose to leave that position to serve us, to die for us, and to demonstrate His great love for us. Everything good, righteous, and holy about Jesus is now ours. So we can be with God now because we have Christ in us. When we believe that Jesus took our place, He gives us the opportunity to let His Holy Spirit live in us. By letting His Holy Spirit live in us, God looks at us and He sees past our brokenness, past our mistakes, past our failures, and He sees us for who we are in Christ.