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Just Getting Started: Purpose and Passion

discover-your-whyHello! Writing a blog is very new to me, so I hope these posts can be useful to you. Something central to my heart is helping, supporting, loving, and encouraging others. It is my passion to reach out to the lonely, hurting, lost, and confused. I want to inspire and encourage those in need, not just with my own words but with the Truth of God’s Word. I feel so inspired when I read the Bible, and I would love to share the inspiration I get from reading His Word with others who may need that same inspiration to encourage their hearts.

Check out more on my passion and purpose by clicking on the about page 🙂 https://merritt9255.wordpress.com/about/

I love hearing from others, so please never be afraid to make a comment sharing your thoughts, feelings, questions, opinions, etc. And thank you for reading!